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Progressive Science Institute

Address   PO Box 5335
          Berkeley, CA  94705-0335
Voice     (510) 842-7645

The philosophy of PSI is based upon the universal mechanism of evolution, “univironmental determinism” (UD), which states that whatever happens to a portion of the universe is determined by the infinite matter in motion within and without. Progressives have recognized this as advanced dialectical materialism (e.g., the interaction of subjective and objective conditions). Dissident physicists have recognized UD and its sponsorship of Infinite Universe Theory as the proper approach to confront the reactionary aspects of modern physics involving, immaterial “particles,” matterless motion, 4-dimensional space-time, and a finite universe that explodes out of nothing. NEW: Our latest book is "Infinite Universe Theory," which gives the evidence, proper interpretations, and logic behind the eventual demise of the Big Bang Theory.

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