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International Institute of Bengal and Himalayan Basins (IIBHB)

Address   2509 McGee Avenue
          Berkeley, CA  94703
Voice     (510) 841-3253

Works on water, environmental and ecological issues in Bengal Basin. IIBHB also supports educational, health, housing and human rights in Bengal Basin as well as in other areas where its services are needed. IIBB hopes to use its Bengal Basin experience as a working model for emerging economies. Founded by Dr. Rash B. Ghosh, a Bengali-American scientist, the Institute has attracted a wide range of experts who are ready to assist IIBHB in finding solutions to the various problems that exist throughout the Bengal Basin. Dignitaries associated with the Institute have included Nobel Laureates Linus Pauling and Glenn Seaborg. The Institute is currently receiving advice from Nobel Laureate Charles H. Townes, a prominent spokesman for Bengal Basin issues. The IIBHB is headquartered in Berkeley, California, with chapters in England, Bangladesh and India.

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